Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spreading the Polka Dot Pancake Love!

We are very lucky and excited to be featured in a couple awesome blogs right now.

First, Heather wrote a Polka Dot Pancake review here that we would love for you to read and comment on.

Also, Lauren has written a review/interview with us, and you can read it here. We are also sponsoring a discount offer and giveaway through her blog, so check it out!

Christmas is getting closer, and if you still need to know what to buy us, visit our new treasury on Etsy. It's colorful and loaded with Polka Dot Pancake favorites.

Have a great Wednesday!


1 comment:

Heather said...

Hey girly! I would love it if you could put together a 125x125 PDP button that I can put up on my blog to link people to your site.

I also read that you're doing a giveaway on another site and wanted to let you know that I would host one for you too if you're interested!