Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gonna Be Eatin' Some Turkey Soon!

Hi ya'll!

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! I'm a teacher, so I have been looking foward to this break for quite some time. I thouroughly enjoyed sleeping late this morning. I love Thanksgiving, but I gotta say, the day after Thanksgiving is what I really look foward to. For years I have been going shopping with my mom and grandmother the day after Thanksgiving. We leave at super early in the morning and shop ALL DAY! And let me tell you, my seventy year old grandmother can out shop me and my mom! I really need to sit down and make a list of what I want to buy for people this year. I would love to get most of my Christmas shopping done on Friday. I'm also planning on making gifts for many of the people on my Christmas list. Handmade gifts are extra special.

Callie and I have been making a lot of Christmas jewelry and Twilight themed jewelry to put in our etsy store. I know there are several people on my list that will be getting Twilight jewelry for Christmas this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! And for you shopoholics out there, Happy Day After Thanksgiving! May you find all the good deals!

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